Thursday, March 14, 2013

I've Got Funshine... On a Cloudy Day!

It was kind of cloudy and windy earlier in the week... and my Grey-beige (Greige?) gradient fit the mood. Wintry.

Only a 3 color gradient, until I added the Naild'It Newspaper Nude. I really need a macro shot of all the pretty glitters hidden in here... Let's see. Something like..... 


There... You see? Large hexes in black, white, and yellow. Small squares in blues, pinks, golds, blacks and whites. Micro black and blue....

So much sparkly happiness in that creamy, crelly grey! This one was definitely a surprise! You can buy it from Llarowe here. Go for it! You know you want to. 

If you are still living in winter.... this polish is perfect!

But later in the week... it got warm! And we got some actual sunshine! 

I had to go with Naild'It Walking on Funshine! You can buy it at 
Mei Mei's Signatures here! You know you want to. Again.

I started this mani with a silver base. I like the Avon Suede collection. It dries fast, and looks so cool with both matte and shiny topcoats. The downside is that you really can't see how cool the matte is on camera! With my camera skills, anyway. Perhaps Andrea can do it?

Anyway: I topped 5 nails (2 on the left hand and 3 on the right, if you keep score) with some Walking on Funshine!  Many, many matte and neon glitters in a lightly tinted base.  I *pink puffy heart* love it.

Well... then... ya know... the other 5 nails looked sad and lonely. So I grabbed some of these!

Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. 
Dotted up some lines and flowers.
Lime flowers with blue centers, and a few extra pink dots
All the dotted fingers got matte topcoat. 
I was a bit random with matte/ shiny on the glitter nails.
Because I couldn't decide which was cooler. 
Because they both were kind of amazing!

*Heart my Nails* - Heather

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