Saturday, March 23, 2013

As seen on Pinterest....

I love Pinterest. So many recipes. And mason jars. And recycled wood projects. And nails. I contribute to 2 group boards, in addition to my own little private *Nail Obsession* board. Check out "Nails and Polish" and "Expensive Nails". Fun fun stuff.

I was thinking of doing a regular or semi-regular "as seen on Pinterest" post. My own little spin on the cool stuff found online. What do you think? I will link back to the original site where possible. And link to the pin if the link I have doesn't work. Make sense? Sound good? Anyone interested? Or should I say... Pinterested?? hehee

As seen on Pinterest

I got a bigger set of dotting tools, the other day, and then I saw a dotting Pin, and thought, "Well, This is cool!"


My version in pastel. 

 Starting with a light, pretty pastel blue base coat, I followed the technique above on my accent nails... ring fingers and thumbs today. I'm kind of random about accent nails. Sometimes pointer fingers. Sometimes rings. Sometimes thumbs. Occasionally just pinkies. Or any combination of the above. Now that I list those out, I see I only avoid the middle finger. So far. *evil laugh*

So I didn't line up the dots, but staggered them. I like the original version better in that regard. I love that this is so much simpler to execute than it looks. 

Here is my thumb up close. My dots at the transition look kinda funky. Weird. 

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