Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm a Barbie Girl

It's been a crazy-busy week around here... 

Well, a crazy 2 weeks.

 Er, really, all month... 

Oh for crying out loud. You get the idea. 

Oh! But not naked-nails busy. Never THAT busy! 
Because that would be bad. Very very bad.  

So I have a few quick manicure ideas that I only had time to snap mediocre quick phone pics of. Great nails, terrible photos. And not always great cuticles, as I've been helping my parents with a bathroom remodel project. That would be one of the reasons I have been so busy.... hehee

Snarky Barbie
So this was a neutral pink base, a black diagonal swipe on the left tip, a silver diagonal swipe on the right tip. A nail art pen fuchsia stripe accent, and then...
 Naild'It Unique Snarky Barbie

*heart my nails*- Heather

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