Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hello, all you other manicure-maniacs!  
We thought we’d take a minute to tell you about us.

We work together in real life and share a mutual obsession. In our case, we were both hooked on nail stuff before we met, but we are true case of


We feed off each other’s creativity and it can get pretty amazing!

So let’s get started shall we?! First off we want to introduce ourselves, and give you a rundown of how things will work. We are new to blogging, and getting our hands camera worthy for that matter. Some of us (cough cough) are better than others.  So I hope everyone is up for an adventure and hopefully it will be a fun and exciting one. Hey, we are after all each UNIQUE!!

Hi, I am Andrea. I keep myself insanely busy, and you might notice that my cuticles reflect thatJ! I am the proud owner and designer of Naild’it Unique Nail Polish. You might ask how, why and where Naild’it came about… come on… just PRETEND you are wanting to know;)! Well, here goes (uh hum, *clears throught*)! It all started when I wanted to add my own twist to my polish obsession.  I was after all going on MATERNITY LEAVE! Before I had my beautiful baby boy, I thought maternity leave meant I would have all the time in the world (as I watched my lovely baby sleep). HA Not quite. Anyways to make a LONG story short, my little one had some health problems and this polish hobby of mine soon became my "maternity leave job," as I searched for something to help us pay for all the little expenses, doc bills,  medicine, traveling expenses, food...  Thank you fans and thank you etsy!!! I LOVE creating polish, I am pretty sure I should have went to school to be a polish maker not a Speechy! I am a Speech Pathologist by degree (speech therapist), and through my “real” job is how I got to know my lovely friend Heather. I know you will all fall madly in love with her! ;) I can’t wait to share my adventures with you, and best of all my polish! I hope to put a unique twist on some awesome nail polish. You will also see other brands, and yes even Indie brands (*hugs to all my fellow indie makers*)! I LOVE INDIE POLISH! So hang onto your seats (be careful not to chip a nail) as we learn to be “expert” bloggers! *Have you Naild’it Yet?* Andrea

I am Heather-and I *Heart* my nails! I’m Andrea’s friend, and also a polish-addict!! Glitter is my friend! I love all things sparkly, really. I'm a wife, a mother and I get to work with Andrea every day. :D I have a LOT of polish. Drug store brands, chain store brands, indies, and special effects polish.  I play with gel polish and glitter and foils and stamping and art and gems and fimo and .. and... and...  You get the picture. I am planning on covering nail and hand care, as well as nail art, lots of swatches, some techniques, and other fun stuff. I also have a “tween” daughter, whose nails, funky style, and sparkling personality you will see from time to time.

So here is the plan: Of course we’ll have some product reviews, some tutorials, a bit of skin and nail care, and fun techniques. And yes, some giveaways! And then we were thinking about doing some challenges! Maybe we’ll challenge each other, maybe you can challenge us. J

And obviously, we’ll have that extra something no one else has……. A sneak peek into

 Naild’It Unique Polish!

Speaking of that, did you know Naild’it is getting a new Logo?! Here is a sneak peek!

We cant wait to get to know all of you! Feel free to leave us comments, especially the nice kind!:)
Oh and stay tuned... first swatched previews of Naild'it's new collection is soon to come!!!