Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Broken Hearts

I started with a base of Avon Suede in Fuchsia.

 I like it because is dries quickly, has good coverage, and is pretty with it's own matte finish or with a shiny topcoat. You can see on  my index finger I applied some Nailene Artist Fx Sparkle coat.
 Have you seen this stuff? I got the whole sparkly set for my birthday last summer! 

Using my little scissors and some blue painter's tape, I made my own little templates. I kept the little hearts, and the borders because I couldn't decide which piece to use.
There's that sparkle coat on the right! Oh, and the teeny tiny hearts on the left?
 Didn't use those yet.... wink wink. 

Then I got busy with the taping and the crackling. Sally Hanson Crackle TopCoat in silver and black. My white was not very.... crackle-y. Maybe it was pouting about not being used for so long? Or perhaps I needed to shake it more.... 
I decided to go ahead and topcoat. Sparkly makes me happy! :)

You like?

*heart my nails*  - Heather

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  1. As you can see.... we figured out the watermark thing. ;)
    Next up, some Naild'It swatches!!!